Monday, June 30, 2008

stevland gets his new board

stevland tre flip to fakie ,with his new aklima skateboard.

A Couple Snapshots of skate. :X

Me and Reap holding hands as we trick over a fence:

See me switch noseblunting between Reap's legs:

I do a big ollie under the bridge downOLDtownnnnnnn:

just fuckin' around

Just actually checking in and writing something for once. Figured I'd "touch bases", ya know. Filmin for 3to6, and I think I have enough for like 2 or 3 parts, since 1 part is only going to be 1:30. But somehow I keep filming and I'm gonna have to go through the trouble of picking out what I want to actually be in the part.

Also in mid-progress;
-Manual Madness Teil2
-Bails (no music for this one.. you're gonna hear the crunches & glitches)
-maybe, with all this spare footy, another montage in the near future

I've got nowhere near as much spare footy as Nick though... can't beat several hundred clips

also.. for the 3to6 vid, ive been toying with the idea of using the song "Real Big" by Mannie Fresh. anyone heard this? i think it'd be hilarious, but let me know what you all think.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Any takers?

I just realized that i have an unused xbl 1 month card thing. anyone want it?

the real one

American!! HAHA!

shamasn - DP Solo Montage #2

Here's my 2nd solo video, with music by TrAXIOM from XBox Live, otherwise known as DJ Atomik. The song title is "A Lazy Day" off of his "Decktales" album.

Hope you enjoy it, .. if not, sorry =/

skate it Wii gameplay

Saturday, June 28, 2008


shamasn 320x240 from tno films on Vimeo.

from 3to6

ok, here's the deal. each part will be 1.30. everyone edits his part. upload you shit to whatever and send tno the link. it would be cool if you'd use a song that is that short or make it that short. put your name like in the first clip.

questions? ask!

we can talk about everything else online.

haslam did it

i was kinda bored, so i was watching the videos on the EA site. this one's a trailer back from august 27th. chris haslam explains the advanced grinds. could be the same as in game, don't remember. anyways, he does a kickflip fs noseslide nollie 360 shuv out. kinda funny, eh?

since i couldn't find a way to link to the page, i just downloaded it, converted it and uploaded it here again. jeez, i'm bored, EA should fix their nation shit soon, or else....

djadam12 Made Me A DP Pro Model!!

Is that not one of the coolest things you've ever seen?!.. I got the first Doppelgänger pro model skateboard! YAY .. YAYAY!!!

Oh yeah, look at how fast this guy can "strum" his guitar, or "pick" his strings.. this is fast, right?..



This little music making gem is fucking awesome! Imagine how much fun it would be to have one of these things! The crazy fun Sascha's pothead ass would have with this! Quent when he's drunk.. or Stevland for that matter too.. + Rock Band.. lol


i won!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

gears of war 2 - 18 minutes interview about multiplayer gameplay

for you midnight

jimmy kimmel

nick, before you forget about it:



the sun shine......

i don´t sleep last night,we had a poker session last night with 7 people.
it goes until now.i won 2 games of 3 (one headsup) the last game was awsome ,
the last hand ,i flopped the royal flush and i played it perfectly so i won,25 euro
yeahhhhhh,now without sleep (again)i go skateboarding ,maybe i film a few nice clips....

so see you later guys on xbox live ,i skate until 3 am then i have a job for 4 hours .
after that i will come to skate online.........

so have a nice day and enjoy the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone's paying for my free shit

The shirt, hat and size 8.5 shoes that came with my sponsor-me winnings dont really fit me (both figuratively and literally) so i put them up for sale on Ebay. I figured.. since shoes alone are expensive, a starting price of just $20 for the 3 items was good.

Here's the link. I know you guys won't buy it, but I figured I'd share the news.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fucking ShitPissAssCuntTitsFuckNipplesChodeDick

My xbox has been described by the title =)
But on a more serious note, my xbox keeps getting the rrod.
Its just the one flashing ring, so its not terminal, but its getting more and more consistent.
I'm hoping it'll last...
At least for a while. So if I'm not on a lot for a few days, that's why.

Our Statistics For the Blog!

That's pretty damn good considering we don't spam the link or anything, and not many people knew about it even being set up in the first place!

Oh noes. You died of cholera!

MIDNIGHT!!!! IT'S BACK!!!!111!11!1

The Oregon Trail is coming to mobile phones

cop that shit, biaaatch.

Sascha is Playing With Himself!

Sascha, just because you didn't land the nollie late front-foot flip first try, doesn't give you the right to masturbate in front of everyone in a public skatepark.. even in Germany! Look at your friend, too! He sees you doing it and decides it's okay for him to do it too! He's walksturbating!


i don't know about you (i kinda do, but anyways), i love everything about games. i'm interested in new games, news etc. etc. if you are too, and you have some time on your hands, like long car rides, cooking, doing nothing, check out these podcasts:

four guys, all former gamespot employees. very funny and informative

they got different ones. scoop, beyond, three red lights, retro city. all very good and funny. in one of the last episodes they tried to make one guy say penis on air, but he refuses too. reminded me somehow on our xbl sessions ;)

im006 vs. stevland

ok, here it is. for your information, the watermark on the skate letters in my part wasn't my idea. i'll download this thing and upload it again without the watermark to my account. but this will happen tonight, since i'm stuck at work right now.

so long, enjoy the video, turned out pretty good. but i guess that's for you to decide.

EA forum thread thread

ich bin EIN berliner

i cant believe he said "jelly doughnut"..... fucking dumbass US president. bitch shouldve said "ich bin berliner"... get it right, stupid dead prez...

im drunk... this is my rant.. blah blah balh

im not that good at german, but i know the damn difference.... one too many biers.. thats it

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does anybody....

Have any suggestions for a good quality video camera?
And I'd prefer the price to be under 500$ please, haha.

3 is the magic number

  1. i started rock band world tour last night and named my band "midget galore"
  2. sweating and an open window = fucking cold in the summer
  3. my vs. with im006 is about to be released. i have to do some intro clips, my part is done, so is his.


The Stalker is Mad! Wtf?!

No I am not "going to delete that shit from the doppelganger page", especially because "it really pissed you off"; and what does not being able to do tresoutta have to do with using our logo in your videos and our tags for people to find your videos? ..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In February 2008, EA Games President, Frank Gibeau, spoke in a presentation for industry analysts stating that the original posted bigger numbers on the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 than rival Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. Because of these surprising numbers the company had decided to begin work on a sequel.[16] Then, in May 2008, the sequel was officially announced, however no details were released except for the platforms it would be released for, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.[17]. Skate 2 is expected to be released on September 23rd 2008 .[18]On May 19th a short teaser and a short plot description were released by EA. While no information was given about the game-play or technical aspects of the game, it was said the game will take place five years after the original. It was also hinted that the difficulty will be tweaked.[19] Your character has disappeared, and San Vanelona has since been turned from 'Skater's Paradise' into 'Skater's Nightmare'. All the rails have been knobbed, security has been beefed, and generally all skaters have abandoned SV. On Rob Dyrdek's website, he says that in skate. 2 that is helping build a new plaza.

~ Link to the article

After the original skateboarding sports game Skate sold over 700,000 copies, its success clearly spelled "sequel". Electronic Arts today announced skate. 2 is currently in development for the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360 with a worldwide release date of September 23, 2008.

~ Link to the article

I don't know.
I don't even know how up to date these are. Well, actually i think they're from may.
I hope this is true in some ways.

P.S. - In Rob Dyrdek's blog that was posted on the forums, he said he'd be working on skate. 2 and skate. IT this YEAR.

Maybe I'm over analyzing things.

InboxDollars - Paid to Read E-Mail!

Look guys, i'm not trying to scam you all, and i'm not trying to make the site look crappy- I just thought that .. since this works for me, very well- I want to share it with you guys so you can make some easy, EASY money- which can be used to pay for XBox Live! Why not?! .. It's FREE!

This is totally legit, they send you emails that you have to do either 1 of 2 things with:

1. Simply read the email, and delete it!
2. Read the email, click the link in the email, then click the link to confirm, and delete it!

You can make anywhere from $0.03 to $0.50 cents per E-Mail, which adds up, believe me!

But there are also offers you can sign up for to earn between $0.50 up to $25.00. The offers that payout more usually require a credit card or some sort of half-way commitment.. Just ignore those and stick with the free offers, which make money! Again, this really works guys, I wouldn't recommend it if it didn't. I wish you would trust me, which i'm pretty sure you guys do by now, and give it a shot.. if it doesn't work out, cancel your account- but I think you'll like it. No clutter in your inbox, only "spammish" email you will get is from things you sign up for, which you can simply mark as spam or junk, and you will never see them again.. Signing up for the offer is all that matters! Sign up (or read email) > get credited > get paid!

Here are some screenshots of my InboxDollars account info pages:

Current Earnings:

Payment History:

If you sign up, please sign up using my referral link below!

PKS Team - skate. Video

First off, George Carlin - R.I.P.

Saw this video on Lex2see's channel on YouTube and decided to share it with you guys. It's pretty decent, and has different (cover?) version of the song in Mike Mo Capaldi's part in Fully Flared. The tags on the video were: sjchnic reyein head-ache ea skate team pks; the first three, I assume, are the teams' gamer tags or PSN IDs. Check it out.

On a similar note, here is something I didn't even know had been done, but you guys have probably seen these already. Marc Johnson's part from Fully Flared, remade on EA skate., in 3 parts on YouTube! Crazy! (just links, to Truveo, not YouTube)

· MJ - Fully Flared remake, part 1/3

· MJ - Fully Flared remake, part 2/3

· MJ - Fully Flared remake, part 3/3

back in business

skating with you guy´s was awesome

Monday, June 23, 2008

sometimes it's just boring at work

then it's time to sit down with the co-worker and look which urls are not taken.

some examples:

time for a cigarette, later.

New DP Member?! .. Stalker?!..

This kid has the DP watermark/logo at the end of his video.. and I don't know why! His username is Ricardofl on Vimeo. Am I missing something? .. Is this tno.. or Maeckes? .. or fallingskyline? .. or anyone we know?! .. Why do I feel stupid right now? .. Should I feel stupid right now?! lol

* Video was taken down by the editor *

*Update - I just realized I noticed this earlier. His YouTube channel is downtownriders, and I think he might be one of Sascha's friends? .. The mystery is unraveling!

Maybe we can find out more, though, by keeping this EA skate. forum thread alive for the time being!

the beginning

demo tape #1

demo tape #2

ea skate - keep it real 3 trailer#1

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skateboarding Fly..

Very, very cool fly.

DJ Atomik - Decktales (CD Release)

A fellow EA skate.r "TrAXIOM", Dominique "DJ Atomik" Simpson, has released his first CD, Decktales Vol. 1, in MP3 format, and you can download it for free! For those of you who enjoy Hip-Hop, I doubt you'll be disappointed when you listen to this CD. Instrumentals which are very relaxing yet, at times, intense- but in a subtle way. Very good stuff in my honest opinion. Check it out; just click the picture below to visit the homepage of the CD release.

If you download it thanks, I appreciate it. All that I ask is if you use this for any public purposes or make a cover/sing/rap on any of these songs, send a link to me so I can check it out, I wanna hear all the stuff that comes from this cd...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

sponsor me - fallingskyline

new video, check it.

FS 5-0 Shuv Ledge to Stair Gap

I was messing around with this, trying to ride against the wall like we've tried so many times, to ollie over to the stairs.. So one try I got caught in a grind, and decided to go for it anyway.. almost made it, so I tried a few more times and got this.

* Do I post too much?

Some File Sending/Sharing Websites

These are just a few of the sites that I found while looking for places for a friend to upload his music to. Some of them you and I know of, and some of them we use. Some of them i've never heard of but seem to be as good if not better than the known ones =) Check them out sometime.

On a totally different subject, the game at the other end of this link is just insanely awesome, although Stevland won't care for it too much- just look it up on YouTube though, and you can see some examples of the gameplay. It's PC only though, which sucks =(.

Switch Blunt Stall Tresoutta + Watermark?

Messing with the watermarks on a clip I got earlier at the X-Games.

Friday, June 20, 2008

QvQ is up!

K - it's done. It's short, but we both didn't want it to be terribly long.
Hope you all enjoy. Now back to filming for the "3 to 6" video.

In case the embedding doesn't work or if Vimeo is still processing, the YouTube link is:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

rock band - blinded by fear

doc, is this the song you told me about? scary.

check out this dudes other videos, a lot of rock band drums expert with multiple camera angles. pretty awesome. if you're into rockband that is ;)

Free Domain Redirections from Me

I registered our blog for free URL redirection, thanks to Dot.TK. So now, if you want to go to the blog, you can just bookmark, and it will redirect you to this blog. This also makes it easier to share the blog URL with other people =)

So, the list of redirection sites is:

Haha, i'm a nerd!

A Couple Clips of Interest?

Japanese Host Breaks Neck Live on TV
The object of the game was to stand back to back and try to knock the other person off the raft into the rice field. Watch the guy in the red jacket in the second round, suffered a cervical spine bone fracture and the spinal cord damage.

ishredgirl recommended we watch this, by the way ;)

QvQ Update

Midnight vs Doc Q is still happening...

My part is officially done. It's been through editing and all that jazz, so I'm just waiting on Doc to get his part sent to me and that'll be that.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

doppelgänger produktion channel on vimeo

i did this yesterday and thought it didn't work, cause all i got was a error message (and a lousy t-shirt). anyway, today it worked, vimeo is really slow these days.

i created the doppelgänger produktion channel on vimeo. so far i added my videos and will continue to add your stuff. also i will add you as moderators.

you can help me out and check it, there will be stuff i forgot. since it is the doppelgänger channel there should only be videos under the doppelgänger flag.

DP baby.

EDIT: i added every video. i did not add old stuff of the new members and i did not add single clip videos/videos unrelated to doppelgänger. this is perfect for guys wanting to see the DP output and do not want to bother with 6 accounts and unrelated stuff.

also, you are moderators now.

also, we have a forum on the channel. neat, but since we have the blog, unnecessary.


shamasn vs. Spartan *note* > both parts!

For some very odd reason, neither Adopted nor myself can get Spartan's video part to render, in Movie Maker *or* Vegas.. Movie Maker won't even start, and Vegas gets to 98% and shuts down.. I told Spartan to try converting the clips to some other format, but he hasn't responded so far. Either Clay or Magic edited Spartan's part for the Larceny video- and they seemed to have no problem with his clips.. So hopefully I will be able to get one of them to edit Spartan's part for him .. or, wait.. maybe Spartan could ask them himself?! =O

Here's my part for now :/ .. Sorry Sparty McFly :/

Stevland, fallingskyline- I changed it to Bowie's version of Heroes =)..

.. and Spartan's part =D:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

screw you, skate.reel

uhh, got very productive the last days (thanks to the hoodlum vid) but skate.reel doesnt let me upload my clips the whole freakin time... I hope this will be fixed soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

sweet tits, it's the brits

me and midnight talked about "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" last night. in case you haven't seen these gems, DO IT.

anyways, i was bombarding midnight with british series he HAS to watch. and he was like: "dude, i can't remember anything, just write it down". so i thought i might share this with all of you. british comedy is the shit, unlike US stuff which is rather boring and always ending in endless seasons. in case you're wondering, german comedy is the worst.

here we go.

so, if you have the chance, check them out, you will love it. or at least midnight will :)

legend of zelda

this is fucking AWESOME:

A Picture Adopted Took of Me

He wanted to edit a picture of me doing something on skate. earlier, so he took this crooked grind and made a doppelgänger photo, and here it is:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

according to skatethis...

Peakstriker is on doppelänger, haha.
man, i dont like that kid =)

Unskateables by Blunt2Fakie

I know you have all seen pawnluvguitarist's unskateables videos, and probably don't want to see any more of this type of video, but this video is surprisingly different. Different spots, different style; to be honest, it's better, but don't tell pawn I said that =o. I think it's worth watching.

Oh, and I can't wait to see "tnofilms is Online" =D.. Yay!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

from 3 to 6 - full video

i just talked to tno on the phone. we're going to make a full video with the new team. we decided that it shouldn't be overly long, so 1:30 should be fine for everyone. start filming. we expect nothing but top notch quality. ;)

tno has everything to go online. almost. the software that came with all the stuff is for vista, not for windows 2000, which is on the pc, the software should be installed. so, as soon as his friend downloaded that shit, you will see this pop up:

skate 2 trailer #3

check it

the umlaut ä

there's an easy way to put the ä in doppelgänger for you US boys. ASCII. hold the "alt" key and press 132. ä, see? and "alt" 142 for the capital version. Ä, see?

by this you can put the ä in your titles etc. problem is, the font has to support those crazy umlauts.

i like ASCII: ÚåçêàëèïîììÄ♫æÆôöòûùÿÖÃìÄÅÖ²²ÕJ²Ä

Sewer Rat uploaded

Not my best vid, but hell - it's pretty damn difficult to make the sewers look awesome.
Hope you all enjoy.

Sewer Rat from Midnight on Vimeo.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Got My XBox Back From Microsoft!

I sent in my XBox, which got the E-74 error message about 2 weeks ago, about 8 days ago. It came back today, and to my surprise and happiness, they sent me a brand new XBox, instead of just repairing the old one =) .. They also sent me a 1-month free XBox Live Gold membership code. Very cool Microsoft, and very unexpected. My mom said, "well, I guess they stand behind their product..", and I said, "yeah, their faulty product."- haha. So now I have to XBox 360s, one for my bedroom (for GTA IV) and one for the PC room (for capturing skate. footage) =)


Ninja Gaiden 2

i might be a bit.. distracted... blame this game

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Suburban pool session

I know the qualities shitty, but oh well.

strictly regs on vimeo

rock band

i'm getting paid this weekend. and i was strong and didn't waste too much money the past 4 weeks.

last week this one shop here sold the rockband game (just the game) for 50 € instead of 70 €. if they still do it, i can't hold myself back and will buy rock band tonight. game plus drums.

doc, i'm excited.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

thanks nick

Q vs. Q

Thats right, Doc Q and Midnight are doing a verses. But keep it in your pants, its only in fun. Were filming right now, but its only gonna be about 4 minutes. Enjoy it when it comes. (hehe, thats what HE said.) ((wtf?))

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mah minipipe

This is the Minipipe me and one of my buddy's build in my backyard. I see if I can get some footage in the next days.

One of the few places I can skate in this area.


i made it ,hello everybody!!!!!!!!

random pics

Songbird Web Music Browser

Songbird is a Web player built from Firefox's browser engine. It is open source and will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It supports user contributed, cross-platform extensions. Play any MP3 on the Web without leaving the page. It can view Web pages as dynamic playlists that it can play, save, or automatically download every day. It plays your music too. It has all the features you expect in a desktop media player.

Visit FileForums Songbird page:

Visit Songbird's Homepage: Pioneers of the Inevitable

Compressing 100+ Clips =/

I will be spending most of the morning re-rendering (compressing) the clips that I have recorded over the past few days. I need to stop getting lazy and just compress them right when I capture them. =P

I don't know if anyone has watched this guy's montages, but he has some goodness goin' on here. I enjoy his videos thoroughly. He is c0MM3eRc14l, and here is his YouTube channel, his Vimeo channel, and one of his videos:

the sound of rolling wheels

i don't know how you follow fallingskyline. so i keep posting his videos here.

stevland "vs." im006

most of you already know it. i'm doin' a vs, more a doubles video, with im006. i'll start editing tonight. don't expect it too soon, double06 has to film his stuff, i'm using mostly stuff that i've already recorded. i guess i have to film some stuff as well. we'll see.

this, of course, is just for the fun of it, no competitive bullshit. the sss videos are pretty awesome, especially when it comes to editing, which i, earning my money as a videoeditor, really dig.

i used stuff hella lot in this blog

Some Randomness, New Gaps

Stevland, here are the two pictures I snapped of you.. Doubt you'll like or want either.

picture 1, picture 2

HEY TEAM! .. Go sign up at .. and join our team on the site, so we can get more views to our videos and Vimeo profiles! .. This of course means that doppelganger is alive and well on! =o

Here are some new things/places we skated tonight: 195 minutes until conversion!!

Mid's COTW20 Entry

my roflcopter it goes soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

Monday, June 09, 2008

Doctor Q's COTW 20 Entry

Skate.This COTW #20 Contest Entry Montage

Here is a quick 10 mins worth of tricks I got with Doctor Q Who and go bucks 17, in a session this morning. This montage contains my entries into the contest- which I hardly ever do (enter contests..) =/

Gamebridge Testclip

K... so I've uploaded a clip I captured with my gamebridge to Vimeo. Let me know what you think of the quality. It's either this or skate.reel

Gamebridge - Testclip from Midnight on Vimeo.

adopted and shamas, hidden bank session

We found this bank while glitching in Old Town. You can probably tell where it is if you've spent enough time in Old Town.. near City Hall. Fallen was supposed to be in this with us, but he decided to save the clips for later use. Boo Fallen! .. Just kidding, it's your shit man ;)

Note: I had to cancel out the clip audio and make the music prevalent because I could not get the volume levels of adopted's clips to match those of my clips.. thus it would have sounded horrible, and it actually came out pretty decent in my opinion..

Since I used up all but 58mb of my space on the GSA videos this week, I had to upload a 320x240 version of this video for now; next week I will upload the 640x480 version. In the meantime, i'll try to get the larger version to Adopted so he can upload it to his Vimeo account.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

oh noez!!!

Not even touched my 360 at weekend. I really want to skate with my team again, but I had other things to do, girlfriend and stuff. But now I got like 3 months holidays ^^

So cya online soon!

just for the sake of doing it

shamasn vs. Mr Lingo Starr

This is just a fun video that Lingo and myself decided to do, because we both have a surplus of clips.. and wanted to do something with some of them.

Keep in mind this is just for fun, no drama necessary.. It's not really a competition between us, just a fun little video montage.

Enjoy, but don't mind MY editing, haha.

Look at me - I'm still as good as I used to be

when it comes to juggling that is:

and this one here happened during an interview in the sports show we do at the station i work:

Throwaway coffin clips.

Shamas sent me all the clips of him coffin filming me. I threw em together, and here is the final product.

Look at me - I'm not as good as I used to be

Hey, that rhymed. anyway, this is some footy from the night my roommate and I went out on my campus and just filmed some of my horrible skating. i think since college, my skating skills have dropped drastically

Capital and Alamo Ditch and Backyard Tour

I was looking at the tags on the Loyds - 1997 video I just uploaded, and came across some old friends in a video on Chris Sumer's Vimeo account. So all rights reserved to him, but i'm sure he won't mind me adding this video to the blog- seeing as we're fellow San Antonio skateboarders, aka brothers.

Quote from Chris' Vimeo page:
Red Bull, Skatepark of Austin, and Goodtimes SA organized a one day tour along I-35 between San Antonio and Austin. The idea was to hit as many backyard ramps and ditches as possible. Due to inclement weather, we were restricted to backyard ramps primarily. Thanks to Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Skatepark of Austin, Goodtimes SA, and Red Bull for participating in the event.


I havent been skating much this weekend. I just got back from a buddys house, and i got some new games (kinda) and ill play those for a bit. But, nevertheless, I'll be back skating soon.

the internet is scary

i just looked at our statcounter page. amazing how much info you get there. maeckes, you're from weimar, right? and shamas, your city's called schertz? that is pretty funny, cause schertz, scherz to be precise, means joke in german.
i see fallen there, sknoodler, doc, scary man.

GoodTimes San Antonio, Team Videos

Either by tonight or tomorrow night at the latest, I will have all 4 GoodTimes San Antonio skate team videos up on my Vimeo page. These aren't all of the videos, just the first 4, which came out on a DVD compilation made by my friend, Bryan de la Garza. The video names are:

Loyds - 1997
- edited by James Smollack

Remember the Alamo - 1998
- edited by Bryan de la Garza

Texas Bred - 2000
- edited by Bryan de la Garza & Jeremy Hyatt

The Fifth Path - 2001
- edited by Bryan de la Garza

The names of the videos will turn into links (on this post) as soon as each video is uploaded. ;) .. Look for Nick Shamas (me) in the friend's sections if you want to see my shitty skateboarding! (from back in the day)

By the way, for now you can watch all of the videos (and more) on Bryan de la Garza's website,; the guy has mad talent!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

fallen gets his solo cherry popped

hardcoreskater9 nollie flipped the quad!

hardcoreskater9 said he nollie flipped the quadruple set last night when we were in a session skating together, and I wanted to believe him but I had a little bit of doubt.. advice: don't underestimate him, and check out 0:23!-

Also, here's Louie Barletta's part from Tilt Mode's "Man Down", very worth watching- dude has a style unlike any other.

beware of the flying cocks

when spelling goes wrong

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering...

or at least my landlord did. it was raining cats and dogs two days ago, so much, that it was running down my bedroom wall. so i hope he did fix it. it's not raining right now, so i don't know.

problem is, i went to sleep at about 5am and he came at about 9am. so, while i satisfy my nicotin addiction, i'm writing this. then go back to bed right away.

2 friends were over last night, so with my roommate we were 4 people plus 4 wiimotes plus a wii. i wonder when the pain starts, raving rabbits 2 is exhausting as fuck. we didn't take pictures, cause we were busy playing and drinking. :( sorry midnight.


Where'd he go?

I've been hella busy... trying to dual boot linux and windows is no fun task when ubuntu wont recognize some hardware drivers. oh yeah, ive also got work 5 days a week for 40 hours per now.

I'm editing the new Sewer Rat video I've been filming for.. expect that soon. If you see me on xbox live and im jammin a different game.. it's probably for a reason... like, im an achievement whore, would be one. I'll get to skating....


EA skate. - Montage by fresh

freshprince97 makes some of the best EA skate. montages, in my opinion. Anyway, I subscribe to his videos I felt that his videos need some recognition, and this is a good way to show him off. I know he's not on the team, but a good video is a good video none-the-less. He is also known as "gnargnar99" on YouTube.

canon in skate

after long years on youtube, my man fallingskyline from germany finally decided to sign up on vimeo. check his first vimeo video and give him some props.

the song is fucking awesome

Extra GTA IV Content Bumped to Holidays

Microsoft and Take-Two made headlines when they announced last year
that they'd be joining forces to release Grand Theft Auto IV
downloadable content exclusively for the Xbox 360.

That content was supposed to arrive this fall, sometime between August
and October. But GTA IV publisher Take-Two Interactive said in its
quarterly financial statement today that the DLC has been pushed to the
start of company's next fiscal year, which runs from November 2008
through January 2009.

The decision was made to "provide a better balance in Take-Two's
release schedule," company officials said. Midnight Club: Los Angeles,
another upcoming Rockstar Games title, is set for release on Sept. 9
for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Take-Two and Rockstar are still mum about what exactly gamers can
expect from the GTA IV downloadable content, although the company does
officially refer to it as "episodic."


Friday, June 06, 2008

Kickflip Fakie at the Library

I captured this picture from the replay editor, obviously.. Thought it looked neat.

I've Got To Get Editing!

As of this post, I have 112 clips of me in coffin, recording other people skating; and 177 clips of myself skating (that's 177 files, some of which have 2 or 3 tricks in one clip, and some of which are lines) .. In other words, I have a lot of shit! .. Time to get editing, don't you think? =)

So that's what i'm going to start doing. Today I will make a montage of myself skating- and I am also going to start doing some more recording coffin style. I need to get more doppelgänger team clips- and not so many of people who aren't really affiliated with the team itself.

In other news, CamDawgz is back- and the kid got really good at skate.! He was doing some tricks last night with consistency better than a couple aliens I know.. or so it seemed. So CamDawgz needs to be recognized and treated as an equal- and people need to quit pokin' fun at him. He's an alright kid ;)

** Side-note: I added another section of links on the right-hand side; just useful links to random websites- most of which you all probably know, but are there for convenience.

3 important things

1. finally written my last exam today
2. Out Of Love 3

3. I've got a Buku!

Im so fuckin lazy...

In my solovid I had written 'Doppelgänger Produktions' (as seen in my other blog entry). I really dont want to render this again, so are you very mad at me if I leave it like this?

Links and Such..

I added some links to our pages on the right-hand side, as well as links to skate. sites that i'm pretty sure we all go to, or have gone to. If you have any objections to having these links up or if you know of any skate. related websites we should link up- let me know too. I also added an option under each post for anyone to email the post to a friend or, well, anyone. Personally, I think the blog is filling out and looks quite nice =)

Weird Blunt Stall Glitch

I did a regular stance blunt stall.. with weird foot placement to begin with. Then I did a fakie heel out of the blunt stall. Keep in mind it was not a *nose* blunt stall..

By the way, I took out the centering code from all of the posts with videos or images.. I know what you mean kind of Stevland, and it does look better without the centering; and Vimeo is getting damn slow with the conversion times.. I wish a new site like Vimeo would come out, just for us =)

Thursday, June 05, 2008


coming to you live from my linux OS... this shit is hella different
everything is free though...

dragonforce 100% on expert

doc, this is specially for you:

Bear witness, ladies and gentlemen, to one man's triumph over Dragonforce's Through The Fire and Flames on expert, hitting every single note to achieve a score of 987,786 and 100%. Youtube user iamchris4life has been uploading videos of his performances for quite some time now, to the point where people were faking videos of him completing TTFAF, but this one is for reals. Watching this makes my hands ache.

buku sudoku

i was just reading a review for buku sudoku on, which hit xbl arcade last wednesday.

anyways, two things made me laugh:

"Buku means "large penis" in Vietnamese, though this probably isn't what the publishers had in mind."


"You can shift the controls around to suit southpaw players, and there's
even a control setup for one-handed play, so amputees and people
uncontrollably aroused by numbers won't be left out."

hahaha, that made me kinda forget that it's raining through the fucking roof in my bedroom right now. FUCK.

design choices

shamas thinks the videos and pictures look better when centered.

i on the other hand think it looks better when they are left alligned, like the text is.

right now, everything is centered, exept for the skate it trailer.

let us know what YOU think.

skate it

i still don't know what to think about this, with all the handmovements it involves. but i'm interested.

By the way...

Did you guys think my video was good quality? I was just wondering because those few clips were done with my capture card. I thought they looked really good for my capture card, but i wanted other peoples opinions.

post gallore

nick, who the fuck should care. it's our blog, we can post as much as we want. keep 'em coming.

dude, that pic. fucking awesome. the shirt, the keyboard. color coded like only real g's do it, lol.

is any one of you online in like 2 hours? it was fucking boring last night without my e-buddies.

Online Video Conversion

I'm sorry I keep making new posts; from now on I will try to combine them all into one post, maybe once or twice a day.. Don't be mad at me, please =*)..

Anyway, I was looking for an online (web-based) FLV to AVI converter, and came across these two, which are really nice..


I'm not sure how good the quality is on all the file formats they can output, but the ones I tried were decent enough (avi and wmv).. The Spies Like Us clip was converted using MovAvi Music (mine)

I started making music a long time ago, realized I suck at it.. and quit- but my MySpace account remains up and running, with at best 1 view a year =) ..

Don't be jealous, please- You can talk all the crap you want about it too.

Matrix Plaza gap session

Shamas has his clips up, so i thought i'd throw mine up as well.

Spies Like Us - Doctor, Doctor

A scene from the '80s movie, Spies Like Us, where Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd pose as doctors and introduce themselves as such numerous times in a matter of minutes to other doctors. So funny, I hope you guys find this as amusing as I always have.

shamasn vs. Mr Lingo Starr

I was skating with Mr Lingo Starr last night, and we were talking about the "vs." videos, and he asked me if I wanted to make one with him since we both have lots of clips and nothing to do with all of them. So I agreed, and we will be working on that soon =P

zero punctuation - oblivion

midnight, since i know that you're a big oblivion fan, i took a wild guess and thought to myself: you will like this:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

scribefire test

trying out the scribefire plugin maeckes posted. looking good. and it's free.

since i'm here, i try to post a random youtube video, let's see if it works

gotta love shopping channels.

peace out.

theres something on the way...

hey, its maeckes here

First, I like this blog thing, really cool to make some announcements or just post new spots and stuff to the team. *Thumbs up* for the blog.

Second, I want to say that "Out of Love 3" is coming really soon. That means not later than sunday. I think I already got all the stuff but Im lazy at editing ^^. If you also got a SoloVid in making or there are any plans for a doppelgänger-teamvid, please write some comments.

And at last, if you use firefox, the plugin "ScribeFire" is maybe helpful for you. Its an easy way to post into blogs like this one. Just go to and give it a try.

maeckes out

amazing html skillz

hey, i digged a little in the source code and messed with the graphics. now it's a little dp, a little 3to6. tell me what you think and be honest.

getting the laundry now and hit the shower like there's no tomorrow. then i hop on skate.

i feel like i'm twenty again, having my own little website that no one visits, but you mess around with it all the time. fucking geek that i am.

fellas grab your nutsacs, chicks squeeze your breastesses

ok, no chicks in here. but i talked to tno and he will be back this week, next week at the latest. he's got all the internet stuff in his house, he just needs someone to set it all up. and he found his wireless adapter.

good news i guess, eh?

P.S.: he has 2 months xbl gold. one from gta, one from microsoft, red ringing his box. NICE!

A Couple Clips at the Matrix

We skated near the Matrix this morning and Doc, Fallen, and myself each got a couple tricks. Here are a couple I landed and a couple bad falls. I suck, I know. I just got tired of trying this because I hate the run-up to it.

Vegas can...

Die. Every time i render my captured vids, the quality goes down. Yay Vegas!

maeckes has joined

wish him luck for his exams. one day to go. go maeckes.

that is what i work with

avid express pro. this is on two tfts. perfect for working with dv material. not so good with strange internet formats and resolutions.

disco time

man, work sucks, i'm waiting for lunch.

btw, my co-worker (see pic) wants to be on the team. but he's to good to have an xbox. that's what he said.

doppelgänger produktion teaser

ok, this time it worked for me. i did the exact same thing as before. whatever. i like blogging. i feel weird.