Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haitian Voodoo 2

special thanks to tnofilms for converting the DP-clip -_-

Maeckes - Haitian Voodoo 2

Maeckes - Haitian Voodoo 2 from Maeckes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


MIDNIGHT. have fun translating. don't ask what it is, it looks like some sort of cult (of happiness).

have fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

colors update

ok, i was wrong again. all the stuff on top is some sort of style sheet or whatever. something that exceeds my knowledge about html by far. so there's no way for me to change it. sorry.

i messed a little bit with the rest (everything below the header), but all of it turned out not matching the top. besides that, reading white on black is a pain for the eyes.


so, i just leave it as it was. you may not like the colors, but they fit each other.

Für Euch

So the Neckface video isn't happening... I made this instead in about 1 hour, and personally, I think it's better than what I had planned for the Neckface vid.
Cheers everyone, this is for you

high quality here:

or shitty quality embeded here:

Monday, July 28, 2008

h3tzer - new video - demzilla

dedicated to john j. shamas. RIP

anyone wanna clean my car?

Stevland, you can change...

You can change the colors of the blog with simple clicks of buttons =o

Go to the dashboard, then layout, then fonts and colors.. Ba-da-bing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Midnight, you basterd

I found a good song for my solo, only to find out that you've used it...
*insert sad face here*
Back to searching...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


since the majority of you doesn't like the colors, i guess we should change it. i thought it wasn't possible, cause the template doesn't give you the option to change it with a button press. but shamasn brought it to me, of course you can change the html source code.

my html skillz are kinda rusty, so before i put time and effort into this and then 2 months later, people are realizing that they don't like it, let me know how to change it!?

i'd like to keep the basic template, cause i like the structure with the white frames plus the dp logo and the 3to6 stuff. so i guess the font remains white as well, with different backgrounds.

below is an example. keeping the basic colors, just not too many of them. i made this quickly in photoshop, so there's no text.

this time, please let me know.

we was so close

we must meet us again,i hope some day it will be happen,maybe today
maeckes,doc..........everybody else

online today in about 5 - 6 hours ,maybe we can make it this time.

we CAN do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 at one room

Demz is my new hero.

granted its a forum but there definitly talking about the right magazine... page=3


- Can get off your skateboard and push/pull objects to alter skate routes.
- Pedestrians move out of your way.
- No load times when teleporting to a session marker
- Play as a girl
- Tiger Woods-like character editor
- Default camera tweaked. New 3rd person camera
- Using EA's site for uploading videos again
- 60 fps
- Takes place 5 years later. City hit with unknown disaster and was rebuilt"


From Demz on the forums.
Demz, if you read this, your the shit.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy 1000 watches...

"from 3to6" on vimeo, over 1000 watches in less than a month, not even the SSS video got that!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Picture of my Mother and Father

I miss you, Dad. May you rest in peace, for all eternity. Test Upload

Pretty cool site I found here.. All about gamers, for gamers. Lack of some features though, which i'm sure you can see for yourself. Decent quality though, huh?

Drawback - can't embed the videos using the code they provide.. may be a way around it though.. Here's the test upload link:

Video Site Suggestions?

I'm still on the hunt for a site for us, since we all heard that will not be allowing gaming videos- How very coincidental! ... We get kicked off Vimeo, go to ExposureRoom .. and get the shaft there too! All in one day! HAHA.

Anyway, I just uploaded a test clip to and I really like this site.. Very simple, same quality as Vimeo.. (I don't know about HD though) .. but it's a definite possibility that I might stick with this one. Same URL style as Vimeo almost, which I like.. no long, jumbled link with numbers and letters all over.

I also looked at, but did not test upload anything, to - but the videos I watched were of decent quality.

New color scheme

Let's change the color scheme of the site eh? I liked the idea that shamas sent out through XBL messages. Can't hurt to just test it eh?

ExposureRoom to ban gaming videos

this is from

------------------------ "Hello everybody. I've just signed up here.

I am a key member of the ExposureRoom team. We've not made a public announcement yet but we will be doing so in the next day or two.

Essentially, we'll be banning all gaming/machinima videos and the like as we feel these videos add no value to our membership and our objectives. I can imagine that making these videos requires a lot of talent and time and I can actually appreciate the effort that goes into them.

However, ExposureRoom is business/social network for filmmakers, photographers, music composers and writers (basically anyone involved in the making of films and advertisements). In short we are a very specialized website.

I see an image here that says, “Vimeo screwed us….” and that makes it even more difficult writing as I was going to suggest your members use Vimeo. There are so many specialized websites for your genre that I’m sure you could use one of those websites or YouTube even (they seem to have improved their video quality).

From a post here, I see that the admin/owner of this website is looking at putting up a hosting site of his own. I guess that’s good news for you all then and sincerely hope it works out.

Since we do have the software, hardware, bandwidth and everything else required to put up such as website, we could look at putting up a website for you folks as long as the cost of running such a site are taken care of.


Shiv. " ----------------------------------------------------------

I understand what their problem is and it seems to be legit. Still, we need another site. I haven't checked but it doesn't seem too bad and as a big plus, this site is about gaming.

Anyway, i'll just wait now, I'm not in the mood to sign up to a new site every 5 hours. I don't have anything in the making (not really at least) and my stuff can still be seen on vimeo. So, whatever turns out to be good, I'm in.


Vimeos Backed Up!

Ok, so Doc Q and tno told me that they wanted me to backup their Vimeo videos. I have done this, they're all saved and named properly. I also backed up Maeckes' videos since I never got a yes or no when I asked him if he wanted me to back them up for him. Midnight and Stevland, you both said you're fine, that you always keep your videos anyway, so I didn't get you twos' videos, but if you change your mind, just let me know; and remember that you only have until September 1st- that's when they're supposedly going to start deleting gaming videos and possibly accounts altogether.

So Doc Q, tno, and Maeckes; let me know if/when you want to get any of your videos from me so you can put them up on a different site. I'll keep them as long as you want me to, so no rush. =)

pervers alter!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i like bananas

I've Got Space

I got a new hard drive, a 500gb external- for video files only (yeah right.. in a week it'll be full of unsorted junk) .. Anyway, if any of you need me to back up your Vimeo files, just let me know- and I'll do so for you, though I'm sure you all have enough space and sense to do this yourselves.

Exposure Room

most people seem to be going for Exposure Room uploads instead of Gamevee mainly because Exposure Room has better quality. I STILL havent found a way to adjust volume on XR but that's not a big deal - it's what I'll use for now.

As a tester, and I know everyone is uploading testers right now, I am upping our team vid. If anyone wants to add me on XR, my username is simply "midnight"

i guess ill see how our vid looks in the morning.. gettin late

Vimeo Banning Gaming Vids article

vimeo is going to lose so many accounts and vids over this, its rediculous...
better save them all while you can

Monday, July 21, 2008

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

tnos insists that he has found this. still, just awesome.

What the Fuck?

Dude with leprosy is a human tree!

I'm back.

From the land of Texas. I'll be on a lot in the next few days, seeing as I'm tired as hell.
I read up on all I've missed, so I'm caught up finally.
And shamas, I'm really sorry about your dad.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vimeo is Down?!

Wow, this is a first.. well, sort of- I mean, we've all had problems with uploads taking forever to, .. uhm, upload so we can show them off.. but now it seems as though everyones' videos are not available, failed to upload, have been removed, or one of any number of things other than said problems.. WhaTheFuxUp?


I really wanted to play skate. online today, but I wasted the whole time fixing my iphone -_-. And yesterday was my birthday, was busy with making party and stuff

I will be more often online next week, see you then.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

someone did a single flip hippie (bs flip)

.. or is it just a glitch? .. i'm wondering why he did the above angle- he says it's the only angle that would show it.. but somethings fishy.. like a foot through the rail kind of glitch...

Friday, July 18, 2008

R.I.P. John J. Shamas, Jr.

My Father, John Joseph Shamas, passed away this afternoon at approximately 3:32 P.M., in the comfort of our home. He was, and will always be loved by his family, friends and everyone he ever met.

He had the ability to touch people in a way that most people are not capable of; to leave a lasting, good impression on them from the second he says hello.

About a week prior to his passing, he was diagnosed with a non-treatable and inoperable Soft-Tissue Sarcoma (cancerous growth) of the Left Anterior Lung Wall. So we decided- rather than have him lye in a hospital bed until the time came for him to pass, that we would bring him home where he could be with his loved ones all the time, and where we could talk to him and let him know that he's not alone and that we love him very, very much.

The last thing my Father said to me was, in a calm, pleasant voice; " i'm ready to go, let me go-- it's okay Nick, i'm fine. " Then he smiled and closed his eyes, and passed ever-so-peacefully.

That was how I wanted it to be, for his sake. No pain, knowing we love him, and for him to pass quickly with no pain.

I love my Father; I always have and always will. I will miss him like nothing i've ever missed, but I know he is at peace and that I will see him again.. someday, and he will be waiting for me with open arms.

John Joseph Shamas

February 10, 1930 - July 17, 2008
A loving Father and Husband.
A Godly Soul.


I'm always with you, Dad, we all are. Be at peace for all Eternity.

Nick, Mom, River, Mark, Rick, Michael, and all who hold you near and dear to their hearts as dearly as we have and will our whole life.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the nerd again

made a sweet deal. i sold my old PSP to a friend of mine and got myself the oh so sweet PSP slim & lite for relatively cheap. what's better than getting new gadgets.

check out my brand new wallpaper

A Damn Old Video

A friend and I made a skate vid (real one) a long time ago when I was still like, a freshman in high school... I guess around years 2001-2002. I have a really shitty part in it, but I promised tno I'd upload it, and figured you'd all wanna see it too. Not gonna embed it, because for some reason I think it looks better just on Vimeo.... but here's the link:


god, i really sucked at skating back then

tno hates me! here's proof

We were just skating the big gap at the Community Center the yesterday, and tno decided to stick out his arm and fuck me up .. Chances of this happening are very slim, but seeing as how tno is a fucking alien, he probably planned it the whole time. Asshole! =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Need everyone's opinion

Which is better....
my current Clip of the Week 22 entry (see below blog posts) or this one?

i just couldnt help myself and redid the line with a different twist at the end, but i wanna know if you all think it's better. i do but i tend to think a little too highly of my own footage sometimes and i could use the help. should i use this instead of the old one?


tutorial is coming soon

the clock is tick tack

My Dad's Home Now

So, a few days after being diagnosed with inoperable Soft-Tissue Sarcoma (cancer) .. my Dad is home and resting, and feeling as good as can be expected. There's no sense in worrying about him getting addicted to pain medicine (legal, prescription) .. so I give him as much as he wants, more or less. I give him enough to take care of the pain and then some, i'll just put it that way. So yeah, i'm glad he's home, but i'm sad about a lot of things.. as can be expected.

When they told us the time frame it was kind of like this next clip:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Derek's Philosophy

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are generalized descriptions of the antitheses or mutual correlations in human perceptions of phenomena in the natural world, combining to create a unity of opposites in the theory of the Taiji. The term liang yi , also known as Yin and Yang.

Now in real life Yin and Yang is just the pool in Derek Goodspeed's backyard. sometimes things are that simple.


I liked Stevland's pic, and it seems like everyone's got a cool pic these days, so I decided to make my own. Hope it doesn't suck. It was my first time using GIMP as an editing software instead of Photoshop... mainly because GIMP is free.

Sunday, July 13, 2008



ok.. i apologize to anyone that did a recording, but i wont be using the voice clips. as it turns out, neckface is a real person ... and does real art in cities... so it doesnt really feel right to make shit up about him. however... since stevlands clip was so fucking hilarious... im gonna find a way to use it... if not just upload it. sorry for wasting a few minutes of your life stevland - i still love the recording.

"looking for neckface" is still coming out as a video.. just without the voice clips

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Go enter - rep the DP. It's best line that makes use of a true switch bs ts and an inward heel late bs 180. Took me a bit to get this one.

Also... quoted from skate.this forums
CrzBoarder wrote:

"...Damn DP and the tresoutta, switch no less..."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Music - for anyone that might like

I don't just listen to metal - I have a broader taste of music than that. I like myself some ambient music every now and then. If you're into ambient music, I highly recommend checking out Dyzv0r. Hugely underrated, it's a shame he's not more well known. I first heard his music through a Salad Fingers cartoon. Most of it is the ambient type of music you'd expect to hear in ... let's say, Silent Hill, or (insert horror movie/game here). His stuff is free, but if you like it, at least send him an email telling him.

good music to chill to. i HIGHLY recommend the newer album "Paths" but all of his older music is good too, that's what got me into it all.


these stairs... they're pointless

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

stalking is fun

you know about my favorite hobby, stalking people on the internet. so, if anyone wants to stalk me, here are my coordinates.

latitude: 48°29'6.53"N
longitude: 9°13'7.56"E

find me

Sesame Street - Unnecessary Censorship

Oh, midnight- just wait until Doc Q gets back, then he'll have no excuse not to do it =)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I have bad news. I can't record the thing, due to lack of time before i leave to get a new mic.
Sorry bro.

question for you american guys

do you know this guy?

Monday, July 07, 2008


Okay, I'm leaving for Texas in 2 days, so Midnight, I might have to skip the voice overs, depending on when you need em'.
When I get back, however, I'm going to start work on a new solo vid of mine, entitled, on cloud nine. I'm kinda hoping to make this one epic, so expect a long video, or, at least long for my standards. I just though I'd update everyone on the progress of things.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

illusions video magazine

xRevolutionist did an awesome job putting this all together. me and midnight have a small part each, so check it out. not because of us, in general, it's worth the 17 minutes.

Illusions Video Magazine from The Revolutionist on Vimeo.

it's up

I don't know why it doesn't say Doppelgänger Produktion or why the picture is squashed, but, oh well, at least we're on the front page.

Proud to be an American?

Patient Dies In Plain Sight At City Hospital
A video obtained first by News 4 New York shows a 49-year-old woman slump onto the floor before being seemingly ignored by at least three hospital staffers.

- Taken from

The Video Here:

my name is stevland

there's a bad thing and a good thing about working sundays.

bad thing is, well, i guess i don't have to tell you that, i mean, it's work...on a sunday.

good thing is, sundays are always lazy, not that much to do. so i'm watching like the fifth episode of "my name is earl" right now.

nothing new for you i guess, but i haven't heard about it till yesterday. my good friend OJ, who's in germany for some weeks, (he lives in rio de janeiro now) brought me this little gem while he was visiting me yesterday.
right, next episode, still got no work.

Looking for Neckface...

the search is on... I'm doing a solo vid but I need some help. I need voice acting. yes, you heard correctly. I need uh.. 3 or 4 people do record with a microphone, and send to me, voice for a script I'll provide for the "Looking for Neckface" video... I'm going to play this out like it's some kind of unsolved mystery of bigfoot or something. I'll do everything else, but I need your voices. An example would be like...
"I heard Neckface drives that shady ice cream truck outside PJs"
"Word is that Neckface is some creature... lives in the sewers"
"Neckface? Isn't that some 13 year old kid living with his mom in north San Van?"


If all goes as planned, I think this'll turn out to be something very different, but awesome. Of course, there's gonna be skating in it too...

If you're interested, post here. I'll give you your script.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Front Page

3to6 is under consideration for the front page of Skate.this... i talked to nowwecanmakewar and he told me what to send him. Sent in a pic, link, and forum thread on it, so hopefully it goes!


Friday, July 04, 2008


xRevolutionist is doing a video magazine called illusions.

Illusions Magazine Trailer from The Revolutionist on Vimeo.

i'll send him 3 clips. if you want to send him some stuff as well, go ahead.

hopefully the last from 3to6 post

ea skate - from 3 to 6 from tno films on Vimeo.

ea forums

skatethis forums

have a nice holiday tno.


Okay, i went out and tried your 1/2 kickflip, late 1/2 heelflip, and landed a few. Im gonna put some footage up this weekend of it.
I sound like im bragging, but im proud of my self. And i want to see if its up to standards.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Tno, check your vimeo. I sent you the link.
I'll send the funny clips later today.

3to6 "the final day"

i have 3 of 6 parts ,please can everybody sent me the link of his video!!

i think it works everything fine.....

uhh, yeah this is the part2:

I went over my anger and made another part, so this will be in the vid. It's 1:29, with teh Impact shitfond and no special effects. I will upload it as soon as its done converting. The other one will be like my secret part, so if youre really nice guys you do like a link into the outro to the "old" part.

The new one is all new, means there just new clips, new music and stuff. I dont will upload this to vimeo but to Megaupload and send the link to all doppelgängers.

Sorry i went a bit crazy, but to be limited to any conditions is like my worst skate.nightmare. I like to be a free skater ;-p

Edit: Messages went out, check your vimeo account!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

uhh... yeah I have to ask: (shortened)

Here's my part, prereleased for the team (I "private'd" it so only the doppelgänger's can see it). My main problem is that stevland now came up with this "use Impact as font" and stuff, because I did my name in my own introduction-style before (remember ool3). Say if thats too much and if I should change it to normal. Also, as I said, its a bit longer than 1:30, I had too much good stuff (in my opinion). And, if I should add any watermarks, say it.

Oh and to Midnight: Please, please use 30fps for your part. Your other vids are soo nice, but the framerate fucks me all up. Upload Test

Not so bad.. Not as good as I thought..


3to6 part is done and edited. Now, do I need to upload to a megaupload, filefactory, etc.? Or am I to send it in a different fashion?

3to6 again

ok guys.

2 things:

your part. fade in from black and fade out to black.

your name in the beginning. use the font Impact. should be on your PCs. if not, let me know, i'll send it.


happy birthday tno

28 years and still counting. go on you freakin' alien.

as i can see in the picture, you did enjoy my present:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hurray for no-life!

you can plainly see, that i have no life if you scroll down and to the right to view my gamertag.... now everyone will know!

should i be sad, or joyous?

Rock Band 2 this September

To no one's surprise, Harmonix, MTV and EA are preparing an encore
for Rock Band later this year. Rock Band 2 is now official -- and it's
coming to Xbox 360 this September, with "other platforms" releasing
later in the year.

Before you start deleting the dozens of tracks you've downloaded for
the first Rock Band, know that RB2 features ground-breaking cross-title
compatibility. There is no distinction between Rock Band 1 and Rock
Band 2 DLC. Any DLC you've previously downloaded will instantly work
with Rock Band 2 and all DLC will continue to work with the original
game from here and into eternity. While Harmonix has yet to reveal the
number of tracks included on the RB2 disc, with the inclusion of all
the previously released DLC, the set list at launch may top 300 songs.

"As successful as the original Rock Band continues to be, we've now had
the benefit of the last eight months to listen to our fans' requests
and to build upon that foundation," said Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and
CEO of Harmonix. "Rock Band 2 is a second-generation band game that
will elevate the music game experience to the next level."

As with Activision's recently announced Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock
Band 2 features all master recordings on disc. You can also expect
major improvements to online functionality and a more "party friendly"
set-up so it's easy to get guests rocking out faster.

While all RB1 peripherals will work with the sequel, upgraded versions
will be available in a bundle pack. Harmonix isn't revealing what these
upgrades are just yet.

Rock Band downloads will continue to arrive weekly for both Xbox 360 and
PS3. Each track you purchase is essentially extending your library of
Rock Band 2 tracks. And even though PS3 owners will have to wait longer
to get Rock Band 2 on disc, they will still have access to new
downloadable content with RB1. With Rock Band DLC having now surpassed
15 million paid downloads, there appears no end in sight for the most
successful digitally distributed product on 360 and PS3.

So why release first on Xbox 360? "Microsoft has been a great partner
throughout the launch of Rock Band in the last year and their continued
support is instrumental in supporting the more advanced features and
cross title compatibility we will have in Rock Band 2," a Harmonix
representative told IGN. "Of course, our goal is to make Rock Band 2
accessible to all and we look forward to bringing Rock Band 2 to all
relevant platforms later this year."

For more details on Rock Band 2, check out IGN's exclusive interview, which is packed with info.


Ok, Europe will get it probably christmas 2012...*sigh*

Manny Madness Teil Zwei

I took the track "One" by DJ Atomik aka trAXIOM and made this. The first video I've edited where I've known the song I wanted to use since the beginning when I heard it.
Let me know what you guys think - now I can fully concentrate on my 3to6 part.

Manny Madness - Teil Zwei from Midnight on Vimeo.

3 to 6 !!!!

ok everybody i´m working on 3 videos right now and i have a lot of other stuff to do.
so her is the deal.

i am going on a skate trip (me and saxe) without camera ....
only our board and a tent ....we going from her to prag-amsterdam-(paris,maybe)
we traveling with the train.....on friday

so can everybody make his part ready until friday ,1.30+ 5funny clips(in-outro)
if someone got a problem with the time ,then i will sent them my part !!!

ok maekes,stevland,shamasn,doc and midnight give me a awnser today!!!

have a nice day bro´s