Sunday, August 31, 2008

another proof for my craziness

Here's a list of all the games that i own. All 304 of them, plus some more which are either European or Japan only and can't be added on the site.


Those are of course not all of them, all my NES-, Master System-, Genesisgames are in my parents basement. My SNES games are in boxes in my bedroom. And obviously i have a shitload of XBLA games plus some VC games for the Wii.


Friday, August 29, 2008

midget galore is in the hall of fame

doc, fyi, the hall of fame set is the last 8 songs in the game. in a row. yes, my arms did hurt, lol.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DJ Atomik - DP's Decktales 2 Promo

No special editing or what not... just something short and sweet that trAXIOM asked me to throw together to promote his new CD. DP were the only ones that were asked to do it (yay us). stevland, dont worry about postin this in the forums.. ill do it when i wake up right before i go to work

youtube link is here:

wegame link is here:

i dont wanna embed shit because it kinda marrs the quality

Monday, August 25, 2008

it's finally here - tresoutta for dummies

the -reel- project friends part

my little contribution to mordillio's new video.

and here's the whole thing, editing is a little sloppy, i'll talk to him 'bout that.

i'll post the vimeo link as soon as the site is working again and i can upload it.

hello everybody

Friday, August 22, 2008

The German Mutavault!

Thanks again Stevland, =) .. Just thought i'd show everyone a scan of it =o

I'm a big fucking dork, so what.?.?

what are YOUUUUU doing?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

in case you haven't seen this

ninja gaiden II

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Random Things - I'm Still Here.

First off, if you don't keep your cool and obey your parents while playing XBox, such as not going to rehab for Halo addiction; this might happen.. Click the picture to read about it!

The 5 Greatest Gamer Freakouts, and my favorite one of them, #3, below:

Finally, to Sascha- I don't know exactly what has happened to you, brother, but if you need anything- you know where to find me, or to get a hold of me:

msn/email -
yahoo -
gmail -
AOL/AIM - / pinkfioyd
youtube - nshamas
vimeo - shamasn
.. and here bro, on the blog.

need to TALK -> 1-210-256-0196

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the archive

everyone who's interested in music, vinyl and collections, just like i am, should watch this. this is amazing and sad at the same time.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

of course i don't have anything to do with this, i just found it on accident.

Monday, August 18, 2008


so whats going on.
nobody miss me?

no internet,no xbox live,trouble with the cops,friend blowed his face 60% of is skin is fucked ,maybe he canot make it.

and a few thinks more.....but thats not your buisness so don´t care.

i hope everything gona be alright ..

have a nice day bros.

playing on my livingroomwall is awesome

btw, this is my roommate playing with my second copy of skate. hence the demoguy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bier Bier

a metal song about bier (beer for the noobs)

by Korpiklaani

sorry, im drunk (bin besoffen)

Friday, August 15, 2008


very short video i just kind of threw together. all skating the cube near the library. didnt really care about music or timing... just good for a watch.


sknoodler, look what i've found

american week at the local supermarket, tastes good.

henry has his own home now

for those of you who didn't know. henry has his own home now. it is sweet. go pay him a visit. he likes visits. and flowers. and a relaxing evening in the bathtub, just like doc. flowers. candles. you know the deal.

later dudes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


No, Im still alive. Just almost died when half of our roof over the minipipe fell on the floor while I skated there. I was busy carry all the debris away the last week. I will take some shots tomorrow when theres daylight. In good news the pipe is almost undamaged, so I can still skate there. But I still cant do that Fakie BS Heel Rock'N Roll. I have to practice Fakie flips in the pipe much more...

So that were just some news from me, to say Im still here, checking our blog everyday. I thought I would be much more active in my vacations, but now theres all this private shit going on. So expect me when theres schooltime again (starts thursday).... (but only till 27th when castle crashers will be released^^)


Yeah We already tried to set new roofing tiles on, but they fell down again. Worst thing is that my camera was low on battery when it happens, it probably looked like in a movie when I did like an action roll to not be squashed by the roof. :-D But Im really happy that the pipe is still skateable.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

kein bier vor vier

midnight, since you mentioned crushing on my couch when you come to germany, i thought i'd be prepared.

we really should think about merchandise

A Video Host + A Beggar's Beggary =/ has nice quality, and it allows video game.. videos.

The Beggar's Beggary:

I play Magic: The Gathering (as Stevland well knows- I am one of *those people*) .. but about 4 or 5 months ago, I had my deck stolen- the deck I always played- that everyone knew me by- that was worth over $400. It had some of my favorite, as well as valuable cards in it:

4x Tarmogoyf, 4x Troll Ascetic, 4x Temple Garden, 4x Birds of Paradise, 4x Glorious Anthem, 4x Gaea's Anthem, 4x Brushland, 4x Serra Avenger, 4x Loxodon Hierarch --- those are just the cards that are worth $8.00 or more (each, so 4x = 4 of each).

I'll never be able to find some of those cards again in the perfect condition I had them in, especially seeing as they were all from the original sets (not versions reprinted in later editions), except for the Birds of Paradise. So if someone with say, $400 happens to visit this blog and see this- like a very nice Bill Gates-type rich person, and wants to donate money to a 28-yr old child's broken heart fund- I'll give you big hugs.. I'd even probably get my neighbor to suck you off :/

that's why i learned english

typical american?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

new video hosting site

i found this, check it out, quality is awesome.


Friday, August 08, 2008

same style shirts

me and my friend.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Got an HDTV.. finally.

Most likely. The next time you see me online, I will *finally* be on HD. I don't have a money tree, so it will probably be between 22' and 26' .. But hey, HD is HD (unless it's less than 20', heh).


So I went to Conn's Electronics/Appliances, to get a 22' Zenith, but they didn't have it; plus the lady who was helping me was rude from the second I told her I was looking for something in the 22' - 26' range. You know, instead of me looking at the huge, *expensive* models, because she works on commission. Typical.

I left there and went to Walmart, where I picked out a 26' Vizio, but they had none in stock- at any of the locations nearby. So I decided to get a 32' Vizio, which is awesome- despite the fact that it's about 1/5 the size of my room (exaggeration)-- but playing skate. on it is the shit- but i'm sure you all know that (those of you with HDTVs)

So this is my new HDTV:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This Day In History

EA Skate forums have mentioned our video in the "This Day In History" announcement thread. Here's what it says:
"08/05/08 - Now or Never Doppelganger produktions: The latest from the Doppelganger crew provides us all with some much needed freshness when compared to the average video. The entire feature was shot from the " coffin cam," which makes it possible to use other filming techniques like follow cams. It also let's us get a little farther away from the skater for once, which can lead to some very interesting shots in the game. After you watch the video for a minute or two, you'll pretty much forget that there is always a person laying down in the shot! "

Skate.This has kind of a split opinion. Some people like it, some people dont, but thats just because those individuals generally dont like camera shots anyway. I think 3to6 will be staying up on Skate.This

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 on cloud nine on cloud nine - Doppelgänger Produktion from Doctor Q Who on Vimeo.

3 Things of Import

1) Now or Never is out! If you haven't seen it, scroll down and click the link!

2) DJ Atomik aka trAXIOM wants us to do a very short promo for his new cd using a song he will be sending me. I'll do the editing, just send me some clips. Preferably megaupload or rapidshare links sent to my email (you should have my email to send the link if you have me on msn)

3) Skate.This (and more specifically, Flea and E-flix, as well as SSS) wants to do a collaboration vid using coffin clips with DP. So if you're all interested, we can film more coffin clips for this. We only need like at MOST 3 clips from each person that wants to be in the vid. It won't be a terribly long video and I think someone other than us will be doing the editing.

that's it... also, TNO, great job on now or never

Monday, August 04, 2008

henry pretzel

having conversations with derek (goodspeed that is) is always fun. so, from me pointing out the fact that the pretzel (or brezel, as we germans say) is a german invention, it ended up with:

this facts

even more facts

and a sweet, but only silver, account

check the facts, learning something new isn't hurting.

later dudes.

now or never

DP - Now or Never from tno films on Vimeo.


ea forums

Stevland's Neckface Voiceacting

Audio Clip Here

he did this using many different voices and the line that i gave him for the neckface video which wont be coming out.

funny shit

Sunday, August 03, 2008

strictly untitled

strictly untitled - doppelgänger produktion By Stevland Judkins
View in HD  Download 480p Version  Visit Stevland Judkins's ExposureRoom Videos Page

I hope...

I hope I will get the "fakie BS 180 Heelflip to rock'n roll" in my pipe down until friday. If so I immediatly will post some footage. My cam is back and working, so expect some stuff next weekend. I will skate quite alot in the next week.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm wondering...

What is everyone's response to the skate 2 trailer?
Me and midnight loved it, Tno hated it, so now I'm wondering. What do you guys think?


That Vid from DaaGooN on Vimeo.

zurück lehnen und staunen

Friday, August 01, 2008