Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost famous...

DP was mentioned in part in Cuz's most recent blog...

He made a slight mention (without name-dropping) to Doc and I for the short, half-joked bridge gap:
"The dude that sits next to me had to get dental work ‘cause his jaw smacked the linoleum so hard when he saw someone destroy his bridge gap. We are stoked, inspired, and befuddled by what you've been able to do...and you've only had it for a little over a week. Damn!"

Stevland got straight up props from Cuz:
"Stevland's Exploration of San van was a nice mix. Lots of solid skating, creative filming and a firm embrace of the chaos (aka glitching peds) that can ensue. Really liked the kickflip to fakie trashcan bash ender."

read the whole blog here:

stevland still explores nsv

Friday, January 30, 2009

In case you didn't know...

If you've been living under a rock, you might be pleased to know that the Skate 2 Filmer Pack is now available for download on the Xbox Marketplace for only 600ms points.

In my opinion, it's well worth the points and greatly improves the replay editor.... oh yeah, there's also some extra clothes and stuff, but uh, that's not as important.

Thanks eflix, for letting me know about it at 5am >_>
I swear I had planned on getting some sleep.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just realised

Am I the only Doppelgänger not got skate2 yet? Have to wait till fu**ing fifth of february...-_-

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i hate beavers

Monday, January 26, 2009

stevland explores new san van

trial and error

dang. replayeditor is hella glitched up.. need more practise, sorry =(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I ordered 2 DP shirts and 1 DP hat =)


Now am I cool or what?

im writing a review..


and im not sure if im gonna rip the game or praise it. ill probably go for both. Mina shows her support and sais hi! =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Change the colour of any shirt!

found on ea forums:

Aight here goes:

1. Get your desired shirt on first. Make sure you buy it and leave the CAS store.
2. Now go back to the store and go to "Custom Tshirt". Edit: No graphic required!
3. Press start to go to your cart and then go "Edit Receipt" and uncheck the custom tshirt.
4. Now select "Go Back to the Store" and you should still see the colour and graphic options on the screen.
5. Just select your colour, press start and you're done :)

I've tried hats but they didn't work...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank you Demz

nice tribute =)

1954! Hoodlum!

Monday, January 19, 2009

skate. 1 homage via session?

Pimp ass videos of the skate. 2 demo coming out lately, especially fellow DP'ers demo videos!

midnight and I talked this morning on MSN, and part of the conversation was this:
(7:32:20 AM) midnight: famous shamas = new gamertag
(7:32:24 AM) shamasn: flip tricks are over-rated
(7:32:25 AM) shamasn: no way
(7:32:33 AM) shamasn: sha... well .. no
(7:32:35 AM) midnight: that's like a play off of the "famous amous" cookies
(7:32:41 AM) shamasn: i think we should all do DP names
(7:32:53 AM) shamasn: shamas dp
(7:32:57 AM) shamasn: all lowercase
(7:33:04 AM) shamasn: shamasdp
(7:33:09 AM) shamasn: midnightdp
(7:33:14 AM) shamasn: docqdp
(7:33:17 AM) shamasn: stevlanddp
(7:33:22 AM) shamasn: tnofilmsdp
(7:33:30 AM) midnight: thatd be more like a clan name thing though.. and that's where it gets a bit lame
(7:33:34 AM) shamasn: true
(7:33:38 AM) midnight: and everyone would have to pay to have their name changed
(7:33:50 AM) shamasn: no we could report each other aye?
(7:33:56 AM) shamasn: how many points does it cost?
(7:34:12 AM) midnight: it doesn't happen right away.. the reporting thing. it takes more than just a few
(7:34:15 AM) midnight: 800ms points
(7:34:21 AM) shamasn: WHAT?!@#
(7:34:24 AM) shamasn: wtf
(7:34:41 AM) shamasn: how about
(7:34:44 AM) shamasn: d shamasn p
(7:34:45 AM) shamasn: :X
(7:34:49 AM) midnight: lol
(7:34:49 AM) shamasn: d midnight p
(7:34:51 AM) shamasn: haha
(7:34:55 AM) midnight: d doctor q who p
(7:34:58 AM) shamasn: omg
(7:34:59 AM) shamasn: lol
(7:35:05 AM) shamasn: that's fucking funny
(7:35:16 AM) shamasn: i'm glad i log convos
(7:35:20 AM) shamasn: this is going on the blog
(7:35:26 AM) shamasn: this part of it
(7:35:31 AM) shamasn: but brb cig haha
(7:36:11 AM) midnight: aight.. well i'm goin' to sleep.. i can see light outside and i'm fucking cold so uh.. peace out man.. i'll be waking up in like 10 hours lol
(7:45:08 AM) shamasn: jesus
(7:45:14 AM) shamasn: i want to play skate. 1 later
(7:45:20 AM) shamasn: we need to sesh out of respect

But yeah, I think we should all pay homage to skate. 1 by sessioning online together for the next couple of days on it. We can still play the skate. 2 demo, but we need to say goodbye for now to skate. 1 in an all-out, full thrash mode. =)

Midnight's Second Demo Tape

Enjoy? I hope?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

short linkage

Saturday, January 17, 2009

shamas' update

1. I'm alive... barely. See #7
2. I get on XBOX, and play the skate. 2 demo, and when I feel virtually claustrophobic- I hit up skate. 1 public sessions- unless I see other private sessioneers online to thrash with, which is rare.
3. I hate you fuckin' DP'ers who get out of the demo area first try, but <3
4. I stay in the demo area for the most part and work on my bag of tricks, fuck you again, but <3
5. This is kind of cool, if you actually run Vista - XBOX Live Friends List Sidebar Gadget; but not that cool.
6. I stole a new Capture Card- it's not HD (you $250/eu spending rich German bastards) but at least it was made this year, not in 1999. =)
7. I am going up on my Methadone, and my Xanax- I can't deal with the death of my Father like everyone thinks I should be able to- So I choose the heavily medicated/sedated/comatose route, for now at least.
8. I just realized (well, last night, talking to Midnight) that DP is fully Capture Card functional now. Woot.
9. If you see me online, and I don't say something like "hey, I bought a DP T-Shirt finally" .. tell me to. My mom will even sport one, just not the "I <3 DP" one! I don't think she'd get good looks from wearing that one-- at least, not the looks that don't involve "ok, i'm down for it- so when are we making this porn".
10. I miss you guys, when skate. 2 hits, we better all be back in the full skate. 1 mode, when it was just Stevland, tno, and me-- and the future (now DP'ers) in full sessions talking and skating and having fun like there was no tomorrow. TNO remembers our 17-hour session, i'm sure. ;)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

random find in grphx creator

the dp is not really our dp but who cares? its pretty sick!

we couldn't take it anymore

eflix and me broke down....we couldn't take it anymore...the pressure was too much...

this little gem is in the mail....

capturing in full HD glory...check it

and, to see what it looks like, check dagoons video


P.S.: eflix forced me to.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Skate 2 is imminent

im reviewing the game for a norwegian site, and will be getting it early =) Pluss i get a bunch of shirts to use in contests n stuff.

Heres the shirt:

tnofilms - its all about skateboarding

an other one too good not to be "blogged"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

dereks first dips

yo i love to see all the new movies that pop out now! i caaaant wait to contribute, i have angsiety attacks not being able to save these aaamaazing angles we keep getting.. i def have capcard envy...

one more week... aaaaahhh

derek goodspeed: renaissance

tno - day 2

i post this tno, its so good it has to be on the blog =)

Untitled by deathhh. from squirrell humper on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


kinda quick and shitty editing, but i still like it

getting used to all the new camera functions

Friday, January 09, 2009

demo day one

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

we have a confession to make

well...we always lied about us...and all the pictures were random dudes.....this is the real and eflix:

Do I spend too much time with my 360?

from my 360 voice blog:

Stevland's Weekly Recap - Jan 5 2009

Ok, here it is... your weekly recap of gaming: Oh man are my cores just rocking... Stevland played seven days last week! SEVEN! That is a NUMBER SEVEN followed by NO ZEROS! HOT! Ready for this? Last week saw an increase of 1215 points! My eye almost bleeds looking at a number that large! Getting 72 achievements can do that to you. I was there. I saw it!

I was also pretty happy about the 3 new games this last week. They were (in no particular order) Mirror's Edge™, NBA 2K9, and PGR 4. I liked them. I think Stevland did too. Also, according to the records, Stevland's favorite game last week was skate.. He played it on 3 of the days.

That's all for now... keep reading the blog! Send us a PM or a game invite if you are lonely.

My 360 Voice

So you want a black shirt instead?

OK, I got the black DP logo shirt in, and it looks awesome. Same good quality as the first white shirt... so uh... assuming you have money, a DP shirt is a good choice for your wallet. Represent DP!

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happy new year